World Post Offices

This page features photos from my own collection of “Post Offices Around the World”. It is probably going to be a slow burn…



Kyoto Central Post Office, Japan
Kyoto Central Post Office, November 2013

Map - Kyoto Central Post Office

An impressive Post Office next to the main railway station in Kyoto. Very organised inside, plenty of space and counters, and a good philately section with dedicated counters. Back over my shoulder and to the right of this view is the Kyoto Tower. As I look at this photo now, it would have been cool to try and get the tower properly reflected in the windows (you can just make it out in the windows on the right)… oh well, next time.



Chonburi Bangsaen Post Office, January 2014
Bang Saen Post Office, January 2014

Map - Bang Saen Post OfficeMy local Post Office, with good service and friendly staff. Also on display: Thailand’s impressive wiring infrastructure (no underground cables in Thailand). This is Sukhumvit Road, the main road in the south east; it goes from Bangkok (left) to Cambodia (right). The red things in the road are a recent feature to stop people from  turning across the traffic and causing jams. To be honest, I am amazed that they are still standing. There are lanterns on the right to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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