World Post

This page provides a reference for national postal operators and other online philatelic resources around the world.
It’s a work in progress; there are a lot of countries…


National postal operator: Hrvatska pošta. The web site provides detailed information about stamp issues and other philatelic items in both English and Croatian.


National postal operator: Deutsche Post. The web site doesn’t seem to be offered in English at the moment, but I’ve selected a few handy links below.

Hong Kong

National postal operator: Hongkong Post.

Hongkong Post has a great web site dedicated to stamps. The site is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English (language options are available in the upper-right corner).


National postal operator: JP Post (in Japanese). Parts of the JP Post website are available in English (click here). But unfortunately the philately section is not. However, I have collected a few useful links here:

Click here for the latest issues. A list of new issues is displayed with the date of issue on the right:


Note that the year in Japan is denoted in “Japanese era” (the current year is 26). For example, the issue date might be shown as 平成26年4月1日, which is 1st April 2014. (See below for details.)

To view previous years, scroll down to the bottom of the latest issues page and follow these links:


Alternatively, for details of Japanese stamp issues in English, visit the Japan Philatelic Society Foundation.

Japanese Date System: the Japanese Era

Japan recognises and uses the Gregorian calendar (western calendar), but officially the year is counted according to the Japanese era system. An era begins with the reign of a new emperor. The current era is the Heisei period, and 2014 is the 26th year in this era (you’ll see years counted this way in the JP Post stamp catalogue links above).

Click here for an explanation of the Japanese date system in general, or click here for details of the Japanese era system.


National postal operator: Pos Malaysia. Click here for Pos Malaysia in English.


National postal operator: SingPost.

Taiwan (Republic of China)

National postal operator: Chunghwa Post. Click here for Chunghwa Post in English.

At the top of the page is a news section, where you can find press releases about recent and forthcoming issues.

Taiwanese Date System: the Minguo Calendar

The cancellations on covers from Taiwan show the year in the Minguo calendar: 102. The Minguo calendar started in 1912 (Gregorian). For details, check Wikipedia.


National postal operator: Thailand Post.

The Thailand Post website is available in English or Thai; select the language on the right. (Note: Not all sections are available in English.)

There is a stamp library available in English here, but to view details of stamps, you need to register on the site. Oops.

Independent Thai Stamp Links
  • For a listing of all Thai issues since 1883, click here to visit the Siam Stamp Catalogue.
  • To buy Thai stamps, click here to visit the Thai Stamp Shop. (Highly recommended, I buy my stamps from here. International delivery available.)

United Kingdom

National postal operator: Royal Mail.

United States

National postal operator: United States Postal Service (USPS).

If you are interested in US stamps, you can get a copy of the USA Philatelic Catalog free of charge from the USPS website. It is a quarterly magazine bringing highlights of upcoming issues. If you live in the US, you can order a paper copy, or if you are international (or prefer electronic docs), you can click to get an online copy as PDF. Go to the Collectibles page shown above (or click on the Shop link in the blue menu bar on the USPS web site), look for the catalog ($0.00) and go to the order page. Order the catalog for delivery or click on the “View USA Philatelic Content” link in the description box to get the PDF.

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