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UK FDC Post and Go Mail by Rail

FDC: Royal Mail Heritage: Mail by Rail

This cover from Royal Mail carries Post & Go ATMs commemorating the contribution that the UK’s railways made to the postal system: Mail by Rail.

Stamps Cover FDC Rhodesia 70th Anniversary of the Opening of the Beira-Salisbury Railway

FDC: 70th Anniversary of the Opening of the Beira-Salisbury Railway

This cover commemorates the opening of the railway line from Beira, on the coast of Mozambique, to Salisbury in Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe).

Stamps Cover FDC Malawi 1968 Locomotives

FDC: Locomotives from Malawi

This cover is nearly 50 years old and carries 4 locomotives illustrating the history of the railways in Malawi in 1968.

Japex 2013 official catalog and entry ticket

PEX: Japex 2013

Last year I was in Tokyo at the same time that Japex 2013 came to town: a lucky coincidence!

stamps souvenir sheet Japan 2013 Railway Series 1

Souvenir Sheet: Japanese Railways

This souvenir sheet from JP Post features Japanese railways and their distinctive locomotives from around the country and through history.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2013 Merchant Navy

FDC: Merchant Navy

This is a classic FDC from Royal Mail featuring some very elegant stamps: 6 vessels from the British mercantile fleet between 1813 and 1986.

Stamps DE 2013-09 175 Years Steam Locomotive Saxonia

Stamps: Germany, September 2013

I was in Germany again last week. Here are the Deutsche Post issues for September 2013.

Stamps FDC Cover UK 2013 British Auto Legends

FDC: British Auto Legends

This is a classic Royal Mail FDC featuring some classic Britsh cars. Which of these British Auto Legends would you take for a spin?

FDC Cover UK 2013 London Underground

FDC: London Underground

This FDC commemorates 150 years of the London Underground, the world’s oldest underground transport network.

Postal Vehicles - CR 2013

Cover: Postal Vehicles from Croatia

This cover carries 2 stamps featuring archive images and schematics of postal vehicles in Croatia.

Tea - TW 2012

Souvenir sheet: Taiwanese Tea

As a dedicated tea drinker I couldn’t resist this souvenir sheet: the teas of Taiwan.

Scenes from Taiwan 3 - 2013

Covers: Scenes from Taiwan

Three great covers with beautifully illustrated stamps showing scenes from Taiwan. Including three se-tenant pairs, the last pair with selvedge.

100 Years of Aviation in Singapore 2011

Cover: 100 Years of Aviation in Singapore

This is a great cover from Singapore, featuring 5 stamps illustrating the history of aviation.