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Sri Lanka Souvenir Sheet: Solar System

Souvenir Sheet: The Solar System

This souvenir sheet from Sri Lanka features another great set of astrophilately stamps: the Solar System, comprising the Sun, 8 planets, and the Earth’s moon.

Stamps Australia 2015 Solar System

Stamps: Our Solar System

This fantastic set of stamps from AusPost commemorates our Solar System. This is their feature issue for Stamp Collecting Month.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015 Inventive Britain 2015-02-19

FDC: Inventive Britain

This cover from Royal Mail features 8 inventions from the United Kingdom that shape our world today.

Stamps DE 2014-11-03 Snowman featured

Stamps: Germany, November 2014

On my last trip to Germany this year, I collected the November issues, including 2 Christmas stamps: religious and nonreligious.