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David Bowie First Day Cover from Royal Mail

FDC: David Bowie

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the musical legacy of David Bowie, British musician, icon, and legend.

FDC: Pink Floyd

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the music of Pink Floyd, featuring 6 of their 15 album covers. At first glance this seems like a modern topic, but Pink Floyd have been around since 1965, which makes them pre-decimal.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-10-20 Star Wars

FDC: Star Wars

This cover is a real collector’s item from Royal Mail, and needs no introduction: Star Wars.

Stamps DE 2013-09 175 Years Steam Locomotive Saxonia

Stamps: Germany, September 2013

I was in Germany again last week. Here are the Deutsche Post issues for September 2013.

USPS 2007 Star Wars Stormtroopers

Stamps: Star Wars

This is one of the more unusual stamp series in my collection: the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

FDC Cover Comics UK 2012

FDC: Comics in the United Kingdom

Comics are, or at least were, a childhood institution in the UK for boys and girls alike.