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stamps cover Croatia 2013 Mushrooms

Cover: Mushrooms from Croatia

This is another beautifully illustrated cover from Croatia: Mushrooms (full issue, se-tenant strip).

FDC Taiwan 2013 Wild Mushrooms

FDC: Wild Mushrooms in Taiwan

This FDC from Chunghwa Post features a souvenir sheet of the Wild Mushrooms of Taiwan issue (3rd series), with commemorative cancels.

Flower Definitives - MY -2010

Cover: Flower Definitives from Malaysia

This is one of the very first covers that I received in exchange, and it is still one of my favourites.

Tea - TW 2012

Souvenir sheet: Taiwanese Tea

As a dedicated tea drinker I couldn’t resist this souvenir sheet: the teas of Taiwan.

Year of the Dragon - TW - 2011

Covers: Year of the Dragon

Two great covers from Taiwan celebrating the Chinese new year in the Year of the Dragon, 2012.

Flora and Fauna 2013

Cover: Flora and Fauna in Indonesia

Country: Indonesia Date: 2nd May 2013 A nice se-tenant pair of stamps in a souvenir sheet on a cover from Indonesia, with CDS cancels. The stamps were issued in 2012. Stamp Details Left to right Black-Spotted Cuscus (marsupial) Mangrove Thanks to Basora for this cover.

Herbs 2013

FDC: Herbs from Taiwan

Country: Taiwan (Republic of China) Date: 11th June 2013 A great first day cover from Chunghwa Post, Taiwan, featuring the “Herbs” issue. The stamps are simple, but beautifully illustrated. The last stamp includes selvedge, showing the printer’s colour bar. Colour bars usually appear on a sheet of stamps as dots, or something simple, but here […]

Gardens by the Bay 2012

Cover: Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

This cover features 2 great jumbo stamps commemorating Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

Cover: World Orchid Conference (WOC)

This cover from Singapore features 2 beautiful flower stamps commemorating the 20th World Orchid Conference (WOC), with commemorative cancel (applied 12th November 2011).

"Pond Life" definitive stamps 2013

Covers: Pond Life Definitives from Singapore

This is a series of covers from 2011 to 2013 featuring stamps from the Pond Life definitives series from Singapore, some with commeorative cancels.