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Japanese flower definitive stamps - cherry blossom

Stamps: Flower Definitives from Japan

I have just got back from Japan (my favourite country). I went to the post office in Tokorozawa and couldn’t resist these flower definitives. (The sakura was still out around Mount Fuji.)

USA National Parks Forever stamps

Cover: National Parks Forever Stamps

This cover from the USA carries 2 of the USPS National Parks forever stamps.

Cover USA 2016

Cover: Birds and Flowers from USA

This cover from the USA carries a nice group of stamps from the previous century featuring birds and flowers.

UK Stamps: Owens Dinosauria

Stamps: Owen’s Dinosauria

This set of stamps from Royal Mail commemorates the first use of the word “dinosaur” by Sir Richard Owen, a British paleontologist, in 1841.

Stamps Thailand: Parrots

Stamps: Parrots

This beautifully illustrated issue from Thailand Post features 4 species of parrots that are found in the kingdom.

FDC: Hibernating Animals

This cover from Royal Mail features the seasonal Post & Go issue of Hibernating Animals in the UK.

FDC: Ladybirds

This cover from Royal Mail carries the Post & Go issue featuring Ladybirds found in the UK.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-11-16 Winter Fur and Feathers

FDC: Winter Fur and Feathers in the UK

This cover from carries the latest set of Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring 3 animals and a bird that you can see during winter in the UK.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens

Cover: Botanic Gardens, Singapore

This cover commemorates the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stamps Cover Sri Lanka Flowers

Cover: Flowers of Sri Lanka

This cover carries the full set of beautiful stamps from the Flowers of Sri Lanka issue.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-08-18 Bees

FDC: Bees in the UK

This cover commemorates the life of the bees in the UK, a tremendously important insect for our agriculture, yet sadly in decline.

Stamps Wild Flowers of India

Souvenir Sheets: Wild Flowers of India

This set of 3 souvenir sheets features the Wild Flowers of India issue from India Post in 2013.

Stamps Cover Malaysia 2015 Pandas featured

Cover: Giant Pandas from Malaysia

This cover commemorates the International Cooperative Project on Giant Panda Conservation between Malaysia and China.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2014 Sustainable Fish 2014-06-05

FDC: Sustainable Fish Around The United Kingdom

This cover from Royal Mail features 10 beautifully illustrated fish stamps: 5 sustainable species and 5 species that are threatened by over-fishing.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2014 Flora and Fauna 2013-11-05

Cover: Indonesian Flora and Fauna

This cover features the 2013 Flora and Fauna issue from Indonesia. There are 2 stamps in the issue, and the cover carries 2 sets of the stamps as 2 se-tenant pairs. Nice.

Stamps Cover Malaysia 2014 Roses

FDC: Roses from Malaysia

This cover features 3 beautifully illustrated flower stamps: the full set of stamps from Malaysia’s Roses issue, 2nd series, with commemorative cancels.

stamps cover Croatia 2013 Mushrooms

Cover: Mushrooms from Croatia

This is another beautifully illustrated cover from Croatia: Mushrooms (full issue, se-tenant strip).

stamps Japan 1961 Flowers Peony

Stamps: Japanese Flowers

This series of flower stamps were issued in Japan in 1961 – over 50 years ago.

Stamps FDC Cover Malaysia 2013 Rare Fruits 4

Cover: Rare Fruits from Malaysia

Here is another great food-themed cover with beautifully illustrated stamps from Malaysia: Rare Fruits, series 4.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Joint Issue Mexico Leopard Jaguar

Cover: Big Cats from Indonesia and Mexico

This cover carries a joint issue commemorating 60 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Mexico. These se-tenant stamps are the Indonesian issue, featuring 2 big cats.

Stamps Cover China 2013 Cats

Cover: Cats from China

This cover features 4 cat breeds that are popular in China.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2012 Burung BirdLife International

Cover: Birds from Indonesia

This cover features a full set of bird stamps commemorating the conservation groups BirdLife International and Burung Indonesia (BirdLife Indonesia).

Stamps FDC Cover Taiwan 2013 Long-Horned Beetles 4

FDC: Long-Horned Beetles

Here is another great Chunghwa Post FDC from my good stamp friend Douglas in Taiwan: Long-Horned Beetles, 4th series.

Stamp Cover Malaysia 2013 Living Corals

Cover: Living Corals in Malaysia

This cover features Living Corals from the coastline around Malaysia.

Songbirds 2013 Germany

Stamps: Songbirds from Germany

I was in Germany again last week. Deutsche Post has a great issue out at the moment: Native Songbirds.