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David Bowie First Day Cover from Royal Mail

FDC: David Bowie

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the musical legacy of David Bowie, British musician, icon, and legend.

FDC: Pink Floyd

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the music of Pink Floyd, featuring 6 of their 15 album covers. At first glance this seems like a modern topic, but Pink Floyd have been around since 1965, which makes them pre-decimal.

Stamps: Germany, November 2015

I have just returned from Germany, where I collected the November issues from Deutsche Post, featuring stamps for the festive season.

Cover Stamps Germany 2014-09-04 featured

Cover: Germany 2014, Registered

This is an ordinary cover that I received from Germany, featuring 2 stamps, one issued in 2013 and the other issued in 2014.

Stamps DE 2014-05 Musical Instruments Clarinette

Stamps: Germany, May 2014

I have just arrived back from Germany. Here are the stamps that I collected on my trip: the May issues from Deutsche Post.