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UK FDC Windsor Castle

FDC: Windsor Castle

This cover from Royal Mail carries 6 great photographic stamps featuring 3 external views and 3 internal views of Windsor Castle, a royal residence of the British monarchy.

UK FDC Post and Go Mail by Rail

FDC: Royal Mail Heritage: Mail by Rail

This cover from Royal Mail carries Post & Go ATMs commemorating the contribution that the UK’s railways made to the postal system: Mail by Rail.

UK FDC Ancient Britain

FDC: Ancient Britain

This first day cover from Royal Mail carries an interesting set of stamps featuring archaeological artifacts juxtaposed with an artist’s impression of people and places from prehistory: Ancient Britain.

UK stamps: D-Day

Stamps: 50th Anniversary of D-Day

These stamps from Royal Mail commemorate the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France.

UK FDC: Landscape Gardens

FDC: Landscape Gardens

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the architect Capability Brown with 8 elegant stamps featuring views of the historic gardens that he created.

FDC: The Great War, 1916

This cover from Royal Mail continues the annual commemoration of 100 years since The Great War, 1914-1918.

UK FDC: Shakespeare

FDC: Shakespeare

This elegant cover from Royal Mail commemorates the work of William Shakespeare, one of England’s greatest poets. The 10 stamps on the cover feature quotations from his plays and poems.

FDC UK: The Great Fire of London

FDC: The Great Fire of London

This cover from Royal Mail features stamps that commemorate The Great Fire of London in 1666 with unusual and dramatic designs on the 350th anniversary of the fire.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2016-01-07 Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition

FDC: Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the Endurance expedition to cross the south pole, led by Ernest Shackleton. The expedition did not succeed, and Shackleton and his team faced a battle for survival to escape the Antarctic.

Cover ATM 2015-12-17 Golden Jubilee

ATM: Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

This ATM from Singapore commemorates the country’s Golden Jubilee and 50 years of independence from Malaysia.

Stamps DE 2015 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black

Stamp: 175 Years of Postage Stamps

This simple and elegant stamp from Deutsche Post commemorates 175 years of postage stamps and features the world’s first postage stamp: the Penny Black.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-09-09 HM Queen Elizabeth II

FDC: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the year that she became the longest serving British monarch and approaches 64 years on the throne.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-06-18 The Battle of Waterloo

FDC: The Battle of Waterloo

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the 200th anniverasary of the Battle of Waterloo.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-13 Heraldic Beasts

FDC: Heraldic Beasts from the UK

This cover carries 6 new Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring traditional designs of heraldic beasts.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-14 The Great War 1915

FDC: The Great War, 1915

This first day cover from Royal Mail is the second in a 5-year series commemorating the Great War on its 100th anniversary. This cover commemorates wartime events from 1915.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-06 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black

FDC: 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the issue of the world’s very first postage stamp in 1840: the Penny Black.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015 Working Sail 2015-02-18

FDC: Working Sail in the UK

This cover features Royal Mail’s new series of Post & Go ATMs: Working Sail, a collection of beautiful sailing ships by folk artists around the United Kingdom.

Stamps Cover India 2015-03-02 featured

Cover: From India

This is my first cover from India on this site.

Stamp DE 2015-01-02 Wild Germany Ostsee Boddenschaft featured

Stamps: Germany, January 2015

My first trip to Germany in 2015 is already done, and here are the new issues for January from Deutsche Post.

Stamp and Coin: The Royal Barge Procession, Thailand

I found this small presentation pack in a gift shop. I recognised the stamp, but I had not seen the coin before. Both items commemorate the Royal Barge Suphannahong taking part in the Royal Barge Procession in Thailand.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2014-10-14 Prime Ministers featured

FDC: Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom

This cover from Royal Mail features 8 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, including Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to become Prime Minister, and Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s wartime Prime Minister.

Stamps DE 2014-11-03 Snowman featured

Stamps: Germany, November 2014

On my last trip to Germany this year, I collected the November issues, including 2 Christmas stamps: religious and nonreligious.

Cover Stamp FDC USA 1948 Gold Star Mothers featured

FDC: Gold Star Mothers, USA

This FDC was produced in 1948 in the United States and it commemorates Gold Star Mothers: the American women who have lost a son or daughter serving in the military during war.

Cover Stamps Argentina 2014-10 featured

Cover: Tehuelche and Mbayá Culture, Argentina

This is my first cover from Argentina. It is from the Delcampe seller Aspersmeteor, and it contained the Gold Star Mothers FDC that I purchased from the Delcampe site.

stamps cover FDC Taiwan 2014 Ancient Chinese Art Treasures featured

FDCs: Ancient Chinese Art Treasures – Blue and White Porcelain

Here is a pair of beautiful covers from Chunghwa Post in Taiwan: Blue and White Porcelain from the Ancient Chinese Art Treasures series.