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UK FDC Ancient Britain

FDC: Ancient Britain

This first day cover from Royal Mail carries an interesting set of stamps featuring archaeological artifacts juxtaposed with an artist’s impression of people and places from prehistory: Ancient Britain.

USA National Parks Forever stamps

Cover: National Parks Forever Stamps

This cover from the USA carries 2 of the USPS National Parks forever stamps.

UK FDC: Landscape Gardens

FDC: Landscape Gardens

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the architect Capability Brown with 8 elegant stamps featuring views of the historic gardens that he created.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-09-16 Sea Travel

FDC: Sea Travel

This cover carries 6 new Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring the unusual topic of Sea Travel.

Stamp DE 2015-01-02 Wild Germany Ostsee Boddenschaft featured

Stamps: Germany, January 2015

My first trip to Germany in 2015 is already done, and here are the new issues for January from Deutsche Post.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Ratu Boko Palace

Cover: Ratu Boko Palace

This cover from Indonesia commemorates Ratu Boko Palace near the city of Yogyakarta.

FDC Cover UK 2013 London Underground

FDC: London Underground

This FDC commemorates 150 years of the London Underground, the world’s oldest underground transport network.

Croatia's Accession to the European Union - CR 2013

Cover: Croatia’s Accession to the European Union

This cover features a miniature souvenir sheet containing a single stamp commemorating Croatia’s accession to the European Union on 1st July 2013.

Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer DE 2013

Stamps: Germany, July 2013

I was in Germany last week. Germany produces very fine stamps, so I went to Deutsche Post to collect some. Here are the new issues for July 2013.

Indonesian Provinces 2008-2010

Cover: Indonesian Provinces

Here is a great pair of covers featuring stamps from a series depicting Indonesian provinces.

Singapore-Egypt joint issue: Significant Rivers

Joint Issue: Significant Rivers (Singapore – Egypt)

This great cover features a joint issue between Singapore and Egypt, and a pair of extra long stamps  and a commemorative cancel from the Significant Rivers issue.