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Souvenir Sheet: Mango Sticky Rice

This souvenir sheet caught my eye because it is shaped like a mango. I missed this item when I collected the issue a few years ago, so it goes into the collection.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015-09-18 Joint Issue Thailand Desserts

Cover: Desserts from Singapore and Thailand

This cover carries a joint issue from Singapore and Thailand commemorating favourite desserts in each country.

stamps cover FDC Taiwan 2014 Gift Desserts from the Heart

FDC: Gift Desserts from the Heart

This colourful cover from Taiwan illustrates local treats that are often given as gifts.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2012 Traditional Food

Cover: Traditional Food from Indonesia

These stamps feature 2 dishes of traditional Indonesian food.

Stamps FDC Cover Malaysia 2013 Rare Fruits 4

Cover: Rare Fruits from Malaysia

Here is another great food-themed cover with beautifully illustrated stamps from Malaysia: Rare Fruits, series 4.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Food

Cover: Indonesian Dishes

Here is another food cover to make you hungry: a full set of stamps from Indonesia featuring regional dishes.

Stamp Cover Malaysia 2013 Malaysian Salad

Cover: Malaysian Salad

Here is another great food-themed cover, this time: Malaysian Salad. The 4 stamps are printed se-tenant to create a complete dish.

FDC Cover Taiwan 2013 Gourmet Snacks

FDC: Gourmet Snacks from Taiwan

This FDC from Taiwan features Gourmet Snacks.

Tea - TW 2012

Souvenir sheet: Taiwanese Tea

As a dedicated tea drinker I couldn’t resist this souvenir sheet: the teas of Taiwan.

Herbs 2013

FDC: Herbs from Taiwan

Country: Taiwan (Republic of China) Date: 11th June 2013 A great first day cover from Chunghwa Post, Taiwan, featuring the “Herbs” issue. The stamps are simple, but beautifully illustrated. The last stamp includes selvedge, showing the printer’s colour bar. Colour bars usually appear on a sheet of stamps as dots, or something simple, but here […]

Singapore Teatime Snacks

Cover: Teatime Snacks from Singapore

This cover carries a great set of illustrations featuring Teatime Snacks. Which ones have you tried?

Spices of Singapore 2011

Covers: Spices of Singapore

Here is a pair of covers featuring the Spices of Singapore issue, with commemorative cancels.