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Stamps Cover FDC UK 2014 Sustainable Fish 2014-06-05

FDC: Sustainable Fish Around The United Kingdom

This cover from Royal Mail features 10 beautifully illustrated fish stamps: 5 sustainable species and 5 species that are threatened by over-fishing.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2014 Flora and Fauna 2013-11-05

Cover: Indonesian Flora and Fauna

This cover features the 2013 Flora and Fauna issue from Indonesia. There are 2 stamps in the issue, and the cover carries 2 sets of the stamps as 2 se-tenant pairs. Nice.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

PEX: Singapore 2015

The World Stamp Exhibition visits Singapore in 2015, and SingPost is anticipating Singapore 2015 with 4 commemorative issues.

Freshwater Life II - Lakes - UK 2013

FDCs: Royal Mail “Post & Go” – Freshwater Life

The Royal Mail Freshwater Life series are a set of 3 FDCs featuring 18 animals from ponds, lakes, and rivers around the United Kingdom. All the stamps on these covers are Post & Go stamps, which are self-service, self-adhesive stamps.

Congratulations 2013

FDC: Congratulations!

Country: Taiwan (Republic of China) Date: 22nd May 2013 First day cover from Chunghwa Post, Taiwan, featuring the “Congratulations” issue. The stamps have a circular perforation inside the usual square perforation, and can be used in either format. With commemorative cancels. These are stamps for sending good wishes on the happy occasions of our lives. […]