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UK FDC: Animail

FDC: Animail

This cover from Royal Mail is aimed at getting younger generations interested in stamps and collecting. It features self-adhesive stamps in animal shapes, called Animail.

Stamps DE 2015 Asterix

Souvenir Sheet: Asterix

This colourful souvenir sheet features Asterix the Gaul and his pals.

Stamps Japan 1997-05-02 Doraemon

Stamps: Doraemon from Japan

Doraemon is a robot cat from the future. He is my daughter’s favourite cartoon, and he has made it on to postage stamps several times. Here is the 1997 issue from Japan.

Stamps DE 2014-05 Musical Instruments Clarinette

Stamps: Germany, May 2014

I have just arrived back from Germany. Here are the stamps that I collected on my trip: the May issues from Deutsche Post.