FDC: Congratulations!

Congratulations 2013
Country: Taiwan (Republic of China)
Date: 22nd May 2013

First day cover from Chunghwa Post, Taiwan, featuring the “Congratulations” issue. The stamps have a circular perforation inside the usual square perforation, and can be used in either format. With commemorative cancels. These are stamps for sending good wishes on the happy occasions of our lives.

The cancellations show the year in the Minguo calendar: 102. The Minguo calendar started in 1912 (Gregorian). For details, check Wikipedia.

Stamp Details

Left to right

  • Tropical fish
  • Swans
  • Penguins
  • Mandarin ducks

More Information

Details on the back of the cover.

Congratulations 2013 - side B

Thanks to Douglas for this cover.

Cover: Woodpeckers from Malaysia

Three covers featuring stamps from the “Woodpeckers” issue from Malaysia.

Woodpeckers 1 2013
Country: Malaysia
Date: 13th January 2013

With commemorative cancel.

Stamp Details

Left to right

  • Banded Woodpecker
  • Common Flameback Woodpecker
  • Lesser Yellownape Woodpecker

Woodpeckers 2 2013
Country: Malaysia
Date: 25th January 2013

With commemorative cancel.

Woodpeckers 3 2013
Country: Malaysia
Date: 14th January 2013

Thanks to Vera, Sue, and Normala for these covers.

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