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International Letter Writing Week stamps from Japan

Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2016, Japan

While in the post office buying Japanese flower definitives, I spotted another favourite Japanese series: International Letter Writing Week. This issue is from 2016.

Thailand 1120 FDC Year of the Rooster

FDC: Year of the Rooster, Thailand

Chinese New Year is here and the Year of the Rooster has begun. Best wishes for the year ahead from Thailand. Will it be a good year for you?

Cover USA 2016

Cover: Birds and Flowers from USA

This cover from the USA carries a nice group of stamps from the previous century featuring birds and flowers.

Stamps Thailand: Parrots

Stamps: Parrots

This beautifully illustrated issue from Thailand Post features 4 species of parrots that are found in the kingdom.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-11-16 Winter Fur and Feathers

FDC: Winter Fur and Feathers in the UK

This cover from carries the latest set of Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring 3 animals and a bird that you can see during winter in the UK.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens

Cover: Botanic Gardens, Singapore

This cover commemorates the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stamps Cover Finland 2015 Golden Swan

Cover: Golden Swan from Finland

This is my first Finnish cover. It carries the Golden Swan issue – a beautiful stamp.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-13 Heraldic Beasts

FDC: Heraldic Beasts from the UK

This cover carries 6 new Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring traditional designs of heraldic beasts.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2012 Burung BirdLife International

Cover: Birds from Indonesia

This cover features a full set of bird stamps commemorating the conservation groups BirdLife International and Burung Indonesia (BirdLife Indonesia).

Stamps Cover Singapore 2013 Joint Issue Vietnam Birds

Cover: Birds from Singapore and Vietnam

This cover carries a joint issue between Singapore and Vietnam, featuring 2 bird stamps.

Songbirds 2013 Germany

Stamps: Songbirds from Germany

I was in Germany again last week. Deutsche Post has a great issue out at the moment: Native Songbirds.

Souvenir Sheet Hong Kong 2006 Bird Definitives

Souvenir Sheet: Hong Kong Bird Definitives

This souvenir sheet features the low-value “bird” definitives from Hong Kong. 4 high-value stamps are also available, but are not included on this souvenir sheet to keep it affordable. Overall, a great set of stamps.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

PEX: Singapore 2015

The World Stamp Exhibition visits Singapore in 2015, and SingPost is anticipating Singapore 2015 with 4 commemorative issues.

Stamps Sri Lanka 2003 Resident Birds

Stamp Sheet: Resident Birds of Sri Lanka

This colourful sheet of stamps features the issue Resident Birds of Sri Lanka. It is printed with the Bangkok 2003 logo, which is the last time that Thailand held the world stamp exhibition before this year’s event (2013).

Owls - TH 2013

Stamps: Owls from Thailand

The latest issue from Thailand Post features 4 owls that make their home in Thailand.

Our City in a Garden SG 2013

Cover: Our City in a Garden

A wonderfully colourful and detailed cover from Singapore, featuring the issue Our City in a Garden. The stamp on the right carries a surprise…

Chinese Zodiac souvenir sheet - Gold - 2012

Souvenir sheets: Chinese Zodiac

Two very ornate souvenir sheets from Hong Kong, each featuring a set of stamps representing the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Year of the Snake - TW - 2013

Covers: Year of the Snake

Two great covers from Taiwan celebrating the Chinese new year in the Year of the Snake, 2013.

Congratulations 2013

FDC: Congratulations!

Country: Taiwan (Republic of China) Date: 22nd May 2013 First day cover from Chunghwa Post, Taiwan, featuring the “Congratulations” issue. The stamps have a circular perforation inside the usual square perforation, and can be used in either format. With commemorative cancels. These are stamps for sending good wishes on the happy occasions of our lives. […]

Woodpeckers 1 2013

Cover: Woodpeckers from Malaysia

Three covers featuring stamps from the “Woodpeckers” issue from Malaysia. Country: Malaysia Date: 13th January 2013 With commemorative cancel. Stamp Details Left to right Banded Woodpecker Common Flameback Woodpecker Lesser Yellownape Woodpecker Country: Malaysia Date: 25th January 2013 With commemorative cancel. Country: Malaysia Date: 14th January 2013 Thanks to Vera, Sue, and Normala for these […]

Gardens by the Bay 2012

Cover: Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

This cover features 2 great jumbo stamps commemorating Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

"Pond Life" definitive stamps 2013

Covers: Pond Life Definitives from Singapore

This is a series of covers from 2011 to 2013 featuring stamps from the Pond Life definitives series from Singapore, some with commeorative cancels.