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UK FDC Windsor Castle

FDC: Windsor Castle

This cover from Royal Mail carries 6 great photographic stamps featuring 3 external views and 3 internal views of Windsor Castle, a royal residence of the British monarchy.

Belgium Cover 1970s

Cover: Belgium from the 1970s

When buying stamps online, sometimes you receive your purchase in a plain cover, perhaps with an unadorned printed postage label. And sometimes your purchase arrives in a great cover like this.

UK FDC: Landscape Gardens

FDC: Landscape Gardens

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the architect Capability Brown with 8 elegant stamps featuring views of the historic gardens that he created.

Stamps Cover India 2015-03-02 featured

Cover: From India

This is my first cover from India on this site.

Stamp DE 2015-01-02 Wild Germany Ostsee Boddenschaft featured

Stamps: Germany, January 2015

My first trip to Germany in 2015 is already done, and here are the new issues for January from Deutsche Post.

Stamps Cover Brazil 2014 World Cup 2014 featured

Cover: World Cup 2014 – Host City Salvador, Brazil

The featured stamp on this cover from Brazil commemorates the 2014 World Cup tournament and the host city of Salvador.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2014 Seaside Architecture featured

FDC: Seaside Architecture in the UK

This cover from Royal Mail provides a slice of classic British life: Seaside Architecture. The cover carries 6 stamps featuring seaside buildings from a bygone era, but still in use today.

stamps cover FDC Taiwan 2014 Beauty of Museums featured

FDC: The Beauty of Museums of Taiwan

Here is another great cover from Taiwan, featuring a souvenir sheet of The Beauty of Museums issue.

Germany’s Most Beautiful Panoramas: Bremen

Update I just added Bremen to my collection of Germany’s Most Beautiful Panoramas stamp series from Deutsche Post.

Cover Stamps Germany 2014-05-17

Cover: Germany Definitives, Registered

Here is a registered cover from Germany featuring 2 Flowers definitives and 1 Sights definitive.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2014 Buckingham Palace 2014-04-15

FDCs: Buckingham Palace

Here are 2 covers from a set of 3 issued by Royal Mail to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence: Buckingham Palace.

Japex 2013 official catalog and entry ticket

PEX: Japex 2013

Last year I was in Tokyo at the same time that Japex 2013 came to town: a lucky coincidence!

Stamps DE 2013-09 175 Years Steam Locomotive Saxonia

Stamps: Germany, September 2013

I was in Germany again last week. Here are the Deutsche Post issues for September 2013.

Stamps FDC Cover Malaysia 2013 Museums and Artifacts

FDC: Museums and Artifacts in Malaysia

This is a great FDC from Malaysia, featuring some special stamps.

Cover Croatia 2013 Bridges

Cover: Bridges in Croatia

This cover carries a souvenir sheet of 2 stamps featuring bridges in Croatia.

Our City in a Garden SG 2013

Cover: Our City in a Garden

A wonderfully colourful and detailed cover from Singapore, featuring the issue Our City in a Garden. The stamp on the right carries a surprise…

Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer DE 2013

Stamps: Germany, July 2013

I was in Germany last week. Germany produces very fine stamps, so I went to Deutsche Post to collect some. Here are the new issues for July 2013.

Tea - TW 2012

Souvenir sheet: Taiwanese Tea

As a dedicated tea drinker I couldn’t resist this souvenir sheet: the teas of Taiwan.

Scenes from Taiwan 3 - 2013

Covers: Scenes from Taiwan

Three great covers with beautifully illustrated stamps showing scenes from Taiwan. Including three se-tenant pairs, the last pair with selvedge.