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Thailand Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2005

Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2005

This issue from Thailand Post commemorates International Letter Writing Week (2005) with 4 stamps (with selvage) featuring an iconic animal from the Thai countryside: the water buffalo.

Miniature Sheet Thailand: International Letter Writing Week 1993

Miniature Sheet: International Letter Writing Week 1993

This miniature sheet from Thailand Post commemorates International Letter Writing Week (1993) with 4 stamps featuring Thai ridgeback dogs.

UK FDC: Animail

FDC: Animail

This cover from Royal Mail is aimed at getting younger generations interested in stamps and collecting. It features self-adhesive stamps in animal shapes, called Animail.

FDC: Hibernating Animals

This cover from Royal Mail features the seasonal Post & Go issue of Hibernating Animals in the UK.

FDC: Ladybirds

This cover from Royal Mail carries the Post & Go issue featuring Ladybirds found in the UK.

Cover: Year of the Monkey (Singapore)

This cover commemorates the upcoming Lunar New Year with stamps featuring the Year of the Monkey from the Chinese zodiac.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-11-16 Winter Fur and Feathers

FDC: Winter Fur and Feathers in the UK

This cover from carries the latest set of Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring 3 animals and a bird that you can see during winter in the UK.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens

Cover: Botanic Gardens, Singapore

This cover commemorates the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-13 Heraldic Beasts

FDC: Heraldic Beasts from the UK

This cover carries 6 new Post & Go ATMs from Royal Mail, featuring traditional designs of heraldic beasts.

Stamp Weapons of Victory Russia 2010 2x2

Cover and Stamps: Weapons of Victory – Soviet WWII Tanks

This is my first cover from Russia. I think it is a prepaid aerogramme with additional postage to cover items enclosed in the aerogramme.

Stamps Cover Malaysia 2015 Pandas featured

Cover: Giant Pandas from Malaysia

This cover commemorates the International Cooperative Project on Giant Panda Conservation between Malaysia and China.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 Year of the Goat featured

Cover: Year of the Goat (Singapore)

This cover continues the current Singapore series of animals from the Chinese zodiac: 2015 is the Year of the Goat (or Sheep – as I understand it, the original Chinese term is not that specific).

Stamp DE 2015-01-02 Wild Germany Ostsee Boddenschaft featured

Stamps: Germany, January 2015

My first trip to Germany in 2015 is already done, and here are the new issues for January from Deutsche Post.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2014 Year of the Horse 2014-01-15

Cover: Year of the Horse (Indonesia)

This cover from Indonesia features the full set of 3 beautifully illustrated stamps commemorating the Chinese Year of the Horse (2014).

Stamps Cover FDC Taiwan 2014 Year of the Horse

Cover: Year of the Horse (Taiwan)

This cover commemorates 2 Chinese New Year celebrations from Taiwan: the Year of the Horse (2014) and the Lantern Festival.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2014 Working Horses

FDC: Working Horses in the UK

This cover from Royal Mail carries 6 stamps featuring Working Horses from around the United Kingdom.

stamps cover Singapore 2014 Year of the Horse

Cover: Year of the Horse (Singapore)

This cover commemorates the upcoming Year of the Horse with a full set of stamps from Singapore’s Zodiac Series.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Joint Issue Mexico Leopard Jaguar

Cover: Big Cats from Indonesia and Mexico

This cover carries a joint issue commemorating 60 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Mexico. These se-tenant stamps are the Indonesian issue, featuring 2 big cats.

Stamps Cover China 2013 Cats

Cover: Cats from China

This cover features 4 cat breeds that are popular in China.

Amphibians - CR 2013

Cover: Amphibians from Croatia

This cover carries 3 illustrated stamps from Croatia featuring amphibians that are found in the country.

Our City in a Garden SG 2013

Cover: Our City in a Garden

A wonderfully colourful and detailed cover from Singapore, featuring the issue Our City in a Garden. The stamp on the right carries a surprise…

Chinese Zodiac souvenir sheet - Gold - 2012

Souvenir sheets: Chinese Zodiac

Two very ornate souvenir sheets from Hong Kong, each featuring a set of stamps representing the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Pet Adoption 2013

Cover: Pet Adoption in Canada

Country: Canada Date: 22nd April 2013 Stamps for animal lovers on a great cover: “Pet Adoption” from Canada, urging peolple to choose adoption (in English and French) and provide a home for a homeless pet. I am not able to identify the exact breeds of each animal, but they are all lovable. Thanks to Chris […]

Flora and Fauna 2013

Cover: Flora and Fauna in Indonesia

Country: Indonesia Date: 2nd May 2013 A nice se-tenant pair of stamps in a souvenir sheet on a cover from Indonesia, with CDS cancels. The stamps were issued in 2012. Stamp Details Left to right Black-Spotted Cuscus (marsupial) Mangrove Thanks to Basora for this cover.

Exotic Pets 2013

Cover: Exotic Pets in Malaysia

Country: Malaysia Date: 5th February 2013 With “Year of the Snake” commemorative cancel and cachet. Stamp Details Left to right African Pygmy Hedgehog Green Iguana Sugar Glider Thanks to Vera for this cover.