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Souvenir Sheet: Mango Sticky Rice

This souvenir sheet caught my eye because it is shaped like a mango. I missed this item when I collected the issue a few years ago, so it goes into the collection.

Sri Lanka Souvenir Sheet: Solar System

Souvenir Sheet: The Solar System

This souvenir sheet from Sri Lanka features another great set of astrophilately stamps: the Solar System, comprising the Sun, 8 planets, and the Earth’s moon.

Stamps DE 2015 Asterix

Souvenir Sheet: Asterix

This colourful souvenir sheet features Asterix the Gaul and his pals.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-09-09 HM Queen Elizabeth II

FDC: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the year that she became the longest serving British monarch and approaches 64 years on the throne.

Stamps Souvenir Sheet India-France 2015-04-10 50 Years of Space Cooperation

Souvenir Sheet: 50 Years of Space Cooperation Between India and France

This souvenir sheet features 2 stamps depicting satellites that have been developed and launched through joint operations between India and France. The stamps commemorate 50 years of such cooperation between these countries.

Stamps Wild Flowers of India

Souvenir Sheets: Wild Flowers of India

This set of 3 souvenir sheets features the Wild Flowers of India issue from India Post in 2013.

Stamps Cover India 2015-03-02 featured

Cover: From India

This is my first cover from India on this site.

stamps cover FDC Taiwan 2014 Ancient Chinese Art Treasures featured

FDCs: Ancient Chinese Art Treasures – Blue and White Porcelain

Here is a pair of beautiful covers from Chunghwa Post in Taiwan: Blue and White Porcelain from the Ancient Chinese Art Treasures series.

stamps cover FDC Taiwan 2014 Beauty of Museums featured

FDC: The Beauty of Museums of Taiwan

Here is another great cover from Taiwan, featuring a souvenir sheet of The Beauty of Museums issue.

stamps souvenir sheet Japan 2013 Railway Series 1

Souvenir Sheet: Japanese Railways

This souvenir sheet from JP Post features Japanese railways and their distinctive locomotives from around the country and through history.

Stamps Cover FDC Taiwan 2013 Ancient Artifacts

FDC: Ancient Chinese Artifacts

This FDC from Taiwan features 1 of 2 souvenir sheets from Chunghwa Post’s Ancient Artifacts issue.

Souvenir Sheet Hong Kong 2006 Bird Definitives

Souvenir Sheet: Hong Kong Bird Definitives

This souvenir sheet features the low-value “bird” definitives from Hong Kong. 4 high-value stamps are also available, but are not included on this souvenir sheet to keep it affordable. Overall, a great set of stamps.

Souvenir Sheet Lao 2003 Butterfly

Souvenir Sheet: Butterfly from Laos

This butterfly-shaped souvenir sheet from Laos features a single butterfly stamp.

Western Zodiac - HK 2012

Souvenir sheet: Western Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac is a popular topic for stamps, especially around the Chinese New Year. So this souvenir sheet from Hong Kong is an interesting switch: the signs of the astrological western zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac souvenir sheet - Gold - 2012

Souvenir sheets: Chinese Zodiac

Two very ornate souvenir sheets from Hong Kong, each featuring a set of stamps representing the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Tea - TW 2012

Souvenir sheet: Taiwanese Tea

As a dedicated tea drinker I couldn’t resist this souvenir sheet: the teas of Taiwan.

Butterflies - TW 2011

Souvenir sheet: Butterflies from Taiwan

A very interesting butterfly-shaped souvenir sheet from Chunghwa Post in Taiwan, featuring four stamps se-tenant, each with a butterfly cutout.