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FDC: Celebrate the Century – 1967, Super Bowl I

In some parts of the world it is Super Bowl Sunday. To celebrate the day, here is a cover from my American football collection.

FDC USA Football Coaches

FDC – Football Coaches from the USA

Super Bowl LI, the pinnacle of the NFL American football season, is almost upon us. I’ve started a new topical collection on the theme of American football and here is my first item: the Football Coaches issue from USPS in 1997.

USA National Parks Forever stamps

Cover: National Parks Forever Stamps

This cover from the USA carries 2 of the USPS National Parks forever stamps.

Cover USA 2016

Cover: Birds and Flowers from USA

This cover from the USA carries a nice group of stamps from the previous century featuring birds and flowers.

USPS 50th Anniversary of Star Trek

Stamps: 50th Anniversary of Star Trek

These stamps from USPS commemorate the 50th anniversary of the television show Star Trek appearing on our screens.

USA 2016 Nativity

Cover: Nativity Scene from USA

This cover carries one of the USPS Holiday stamps commemorating Christmas.

Cover Stamp FDC USA 1948 Gold Star Mothers featured

FDC: Gold Star Mothers, USA

This FDC was produced in 1948 in the United States and it commemorates Gold Star Mothers: the American women who have lost a son or daughter serving in the military during war.

Japex 2013 official catalog and entry ticket

PEX: Japex 2013

Last year I was in Tokyo at the same time that Japex 2013 came to town: a lucky coincidence!

USPS 2007 Star Wars Stormtroopers

Stamps: Star Wars

This is one of the more unusual stamp series in my collection: the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.