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Sri Lanka Stamps: Viceroy Special

Stamps: 25th Anniversary of the Viceroy Special Steam Locomotive

This issue from Sri Lanka commemorates the Viceroy Special steam locomotive. StampWorld indicates that this is the 25th anniversary issue.

Sri Lanka Souvenir Sheet: Solar System

Souvenir Sheet: The Solar System

This souvenir sheet from Sri Lanka features another great set of astrophilately stamps: the Solar System, comprising the Sun, 8 planets, and the Earth’s moon.

Stamps Cover Sri Lanka Flowers

Cover: Flowers of Sri Lanka

This cover carries the full set of beautiful stamps from the Flowers of Sri Lanka issue.

Stamps Sri Lanka 2003 Resident Birds

Stamp Sheet: Resident Birds of Sri Lanka

This colourful sheet of stamps features the issue Resident Birds of Sri Lanka. It is printed with the Bangkok 2003 logo, which is the last time that Thailand held the world stamp exhibition before this year’s event (2013).

PEX: Thailand 2013

The Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition opened on Friday last week, and Thailand Post has invited the world to Bangkok to celebrate all things philatelic. The exhibition runs from 2nd August to 14th August.