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Souvenir Sheet: Mango Sticky Rice

This souvenir sheet caught my eye because it is shaped like a mango. I missed this item when I collected the issue a few years ago, so it goes into the collection.

Cover: Year of the Monkey (Singapore)

This cover commemorates the upcoming Lunar New Year with stamps featuring the Year of the Monkey from the Chinese zodiac.

Cover ATM 2015-12-17 Golden Jubilee

ATM: Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

This ATM from Singapore commemorates the country’s Golden Jubilee and 50 years of independence from Malaysia.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 Botanic Gardens

Cover: Botanic Gardens, Singapore

This cover commemorates the Botanic Gardens in Singapore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015-09-18 Joint Issue Thailand Desserts

Cover: Desserts from Singapore and Thailand

This cover carries a joint issue from Singapore and Thailand commemorating favourite desserts in each country.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 ASEAN Community

Cover: ASEAN Community

This cover features a joint issue among the 10 member countries of ASEAN. This stamp is the Singapore issue.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition

Cover: World Stamp Exhibition 2015 in Singapore

This great cover from Singapore carries a pair of stamps commemorating the World Stamp Exhibition in 2015, with the exhibition logo on selvedge, and commemorative cancels.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2015 Year of the Goat featured

Cover: Year of the Goat (Singapore)

This cover continues the current Singapore series of animals from the Chinese zodiac: 2015 is the Year of the Goat (or Sheep – as I understand it, the original Chinese term is not that specific).

stamps cover Singapore 2014 Festivals

Cover: Festivals in Singapore 2014

This cover features 2 stamps from the Festivals in Singapore issue for 2014.

stamps cover Singapore 2014 Year of the Horse

Cover: Year of the Horse (Singapore)

This cover commemorates the upcoming Year of the Horse with a full set of stamps from Singapore’s Zodiac Series.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2013 Vanishing Trades

Cover: Vanishing Trades in Singapore

This cover features 2 stamps from the new set of definitive stamps from Sing Post: Vanishing Trades.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2013 Joint Issue Vietnam Birds

Cover: Birds from Singapore and Vietnam

This cover carries a joint issue between Singapore and Vietnam, featuring 2 bird stamps.

Singapore 2015 Presentation Pack 2012

PEX: Singapore 2015

The World Stamp Exhibition visits Singapore in 2015, and SingPost is anticipating Singapore 2015 with 4 commemorative issues.

PEX: Thailand 2013

The Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition opened on Friday last week, and Thailand Post has invited the world to Bangkok to celebrate all things philatelic. The exhibition runs from 2nd August to 14th August.

Postal Services Through The Years - SG 2010

Cover: Postal Services Through The Years in Singapore

I’ve been going through my archived images. Here is a great cover from Singapore, featuring Postal Services Through The Years.

Our City in a Garden SG 2013

Cover: Our City in a Garden

A wonderfully colourful and detailed cover from Singapore, featuring the issue Our City in a Garden. The stamp on the right carries a surprise…

Historical Railway Stations 2013

Cover: Historical Railway Stations in Singapore

Country: Singapore Date: 28th February 2013 One of the stamps from the “Historical Railway Stations” issue, with commemorative cancel. Stamp Details Bukit Timah Railway Station Thanks to Ai Lyn for this cover.

Year of the Snake 2013

Cover: Year of the Snake (Singapore)

This cover features the SingPost Year of the Snake issue (2013).

London Olympics 2012 - Wenlock

Cover: London Olympics 2012

This cover features Wenlock, one of two mascots for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics held in London and other venues in the United Kingdom. With commemorative cancel.

Giant Pandas, front, 2012

FDC: Giant Pandas from Singapore

Here is a first day cover from the Singapore Philatelic Bureau, commemorating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations with China, and the arrival of two Giant Pandas in Singapore: Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Festivals 2012

Cover: Festivals in Singapore 2012

This cover features 3 colourful stamps from the Festivals in Singapore issue for 2012, with commemorative cancel.

Gardens by the Bay 2012

Cover: Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

This cover features 2 great jumbo stamps commemorating Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

International Year of Cooperatives 2012

Cover: International Year of Cooperatives in Singapore

This cover features 2 stamps with commemorative cancel from Singapore, commemorating the International Year of Cooperatives.

Singapore Teatime Snacks

Cover: Teatime Snacks from Singapore

This cover carries a great set of illustrations featuring Teatime Snacks. Which ones have you tried?

Year of the Dragon 2012

Covers: Year of the Dragon (Singapore)

Three covers featuring the Year of the Dragon (2012) issue from Singapore.