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International Letter Writing Week stamps from Japan

Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2016, Japan

While in the post office buying Japanese flower definitives, I spotted another favourite Japanese series: International Letter Writing Week. This issue is from 2016.

Japanese flower definitive stamps - cherry blossom

Stamps: Flower Definitives from Japan

I have just got back from Japan (my favourite country). I went to the post office in Tokorozawa and couldn’t resist these flower definitives. (The sakura was still out around Mount Fuji.)

Stamps Japan 1997-05-02 Doraemon

Stamps: Doraemon from Japan

Doraemon is a robot cat from the future. He is my daughter’s favourite cartoon, and he has made it on to postage stamps several times. Here is the 1997 issue from Japan.

Japex 2013 official catalog and entry ticket

PEX: Japex 2013

Last year I was in Tokyo at the same time that Japex 2013 came to town: a lucky coincidence!

stamps Japan 1961 Flowers Peony

Stamps: Japanese Flowers

This series of flower stamps were issued in Japan in 1961 – over 50 years ago.

stamps souvenir sheet Japan 2013 Railway Series 1

Souvenir Sheet: Japanese Railways

This souvenir sheet from JP Post features Japanese railways and their distinctive locomotives from around the country and through history.

stamps Japan 2013 International Letter Writing Week 70

Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2013, Japan

These 4 stamps feature beautiful landscapes by Hiroshige, chosen by JP Post to commemorate International Letter Writing Week in 2013.