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Stamps Cover Indonesia 2014 Year of the Horse 2014-01-15

Cover: Year of the Horse (Indonesia)

This cover from Indonesia features the full set of 3 beautifully illustrated stamps commemorating the Chinese Year of the Horse (2014).

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2014 National Defence Forces 2013-10-05

Cover: Indonesian National Defence Forces – Peacekeepers

This cover features the Peacekeepers issue, “Pasukan Garuda”, of the Indonesian National Defence Forces.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2014 Flora and Fauna 2013-11-05

Cover: Indonesian Flora and Fauna

This cover features the 2013 Flora and Fauna issue from Indonesia. There are 2 stamps in the issue, and the cover carries 2 sets of the stamps as 2 se-tenant pairs. Nice.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013-06-05 Environment Care

Cover: Caring for the Environment in Indonesia

This cover features 2 se-tenant stamps carrying a message about caring for the environment. Coincidentally, it is also an 11-12-13 cover :)

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013-05-08 150 Years of International Red Cross

Cover: 150 Years of the International Red Cross

This cover commemorates 150 years of the International Red Cross: 1863 – 2013. Coincidentally, it is also an 11-12-13 cover :)

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2012 Traditional Food

Cover: Traditional Food from Indonesia

These stamps feature 2 dishes of traditional Indonesian food.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 100 Years Indonesia Archaeological Institute

Cover: Indonesian Archaeology Institute

This cover commemorates 100 years of the Indonesian Archaeology Institute.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Ratu Boko Palace

Cover: Ratu Boko Palace

This cover from Indonesia commemorates Ratu Boko Palace near the city of Yogyakarta.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Joint Issue Mexico Leopard Jaguar

Cover: Big Cats from Indonesia and Mexico

This cover carries a joint issue commemorating 60 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Mexico. These se-tenant stamps are the Indonesian issue, featuring 2 big cats.

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2012 Burung BirdLife International

Cover: Birds from Indonesia

This cover features a full set of bird stamps commemorating the conservation groups BirdLife International and Burung Indonesia (BirdLife Indonesia).

Stamps Cover Indonesia 2013 Food

Cover: Indonesian Dishes

Here is another food cover to make you hungry: a full set of stamps from Indonesia featuring regional dishes.

PEX: Thailand 2013

The Thailand 2013 World Stamp Exhibition opened on Friday last week, and Thailand Post has invited the world to Bangkok to celebrate all things philatelic. The exhibition runs from 2nd August to 14th August.

Flora and Fauna 2013

Cover: Flora and Fauna in Indonesia

Country: Indonesia Date: 2nd May 2013 A nice se-tenant pair of stamps in a souvenir sheet on a cover from Indonesia, with CDS cancels. The stamps were issued in 2012. Stamp Details Left to right Black-Spotted Cuscus (marsupial) Mangrove Thanks to Basora for this cover.

Year of the Snake 2013

Cover: Year of the Snake

Country: Indonesia Date: 2nd May 2013 Year of the Snake cover from Indonesia with the whole souvenir sheet used as postage. With clear CDS cancels. 2564, as printed on the souvenir sheet, is the lunar year according to the Chinese calendar (2013 in the Gregorian calendar). Thanks to Basora for this cover.

Indonesian Provinces 2008-2010

Cover: Indonesian Provinces

Here is a great pair of covers featuring stamps from a series depicting Indonesian provinces.