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Souvenir Sheet Hong Kong 2006 Bird Definitives

Souvenir Sheet: Hong Kong Bird Definitives

This souvenir sheet features the low-value “bird” definitives from Hong Kong. 4 high-value stamps are also available, but are not included on this souvenir sheet to keep it affordable. Overall, a great set of stamps.

Western Zodiac - HK 2012

Souvenir sheet: Western Zodiac

The Chinese zodiac is a popular topic for stamps, especially around the Chinese New Year. So this souvenir sheet from Hong Kong is an interesting switch: the signs of the astrological western zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac souvenir sheet - Gold - 2012

Souvenir sheets: Chinese Zodiac

Two very ornate souvenir sheets from Hong Kong, each featuring a set of stamps representing the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.