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Stamps DE 2015 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black

Stamp: 175 Years of Postage Stamps

This simple and elegant stamp from Deutsche Post commemorates 175 years of postage stamps and features the world’s first postage stamp: the Penny Black.

Stamps DE 2015 Asterix

Souvenir Sheet: Asterix

This colourful souvenir sheet features Asterix the Gaul and his pals.

Stamps: Germany, November 2015

I have just returned from Germany, where I collected the November issues from Deutsche Post, featuring stamps for the festive season.

Stamp DE 2015-01-02 Wild Germany Ostsee Boddenschaft featured

Stamps: Germany, January 2015

My first trip to Germany in 2015 is already done, and here are the new issues for January from Deutsche Post.

Stamps DE 2014-11-03 Snowman featured

Stamps: Germany, November 2014

On my last trip to Germany this year, I collected the November issues, including 2 Christmas stamps: religious and nonreligious.

stamp Germany 2014-07-17 Football World Champions featured

Stamp: Germany, World Cup Winners

On 13th July 2014, the German football (soccer) team beat Argentina 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro to win the World Cup. Deutsche Post issued this stamp to commemorate the country’s victory.

Cover Stamps Germany 2014-09-04 featured

Cover: Germany 2014, Registered

This is an ordinary cover that I received from Germany, featuring 2 stamps, one issued in 2013 and the other issued in 2014.

Germany’s Most Beautiful Panoramas: Bremen

Update I just added Bremen to my collection of Germany’s Most Beautiful Panoramas stamp series from Deutsche Post.

Cover Stamps Germany 2014-05-17

Cover: Germany Definitives, Registered

Here is a registered cover from Germany featuring 2 Flowers definitives and 1 Sights definitive.

Stamps DE 2014-05 Musical Instruments Clarinette

Stamps: Germany, May 2014

I have just arrived back from Germany. Here are the stamps that I collected on my trip: the May issues from Deutsche Post.


Stamps: Germany, December 2013

On my last trip of 2013 to Germany, I collected these stamps from Deutsche Post: the December issues.

Stamps DE 2013-09 175 Years Steam Locomotive Saxonia

Stamps: Germany, September 2013

I was in Germany again last week. Here are the Deutsche Post issues for September 2013.

Stamps Germany 2013 ATM

ATMs: Germany

While I was in Germany last time, I had a go on the stamp vending machine at Deutsche Post.

Songbirds 2013 Germany

Stamps: Songbirds from Germany

I was in Germany again last week. Deutsche Post has a great issue out at the moment: Native Songbirds.

Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer DE 2013

Stamps: Germany, July 2013

I was in Germany last week. Germany produces very fine stamps, so I went to Deutsche Post to collect some. Here are the new issues for July 2013.