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stamps cover Croatia 2013 Mushrooms

Cover: Mushrooms from Croatia

This is another beautifully illustrated cover from Croatia: Mushrooms (full issue, se-tenant strip).

stamps cover Croatia 2013 Art

Cover: Croatian Visual Arts

Stamps are often referred to as “miniature works of art” (probably mostly by stamp collectors themselves). This cover carries 3 real miniature works of art from Croatia.

Cover Croatia 2013 Bridges

Cover: Bridges in Croatia

This cover carries a souvenir sheet of 2 stamps featuring bridges in Croatia.

Amphibians - CR 2013

Cover: Amphibians from Croatia

This cover carries 3 illustrated stamps from Croatia featuring amphibians that are found in the country.

Postal Vehicles - CR 2013

Cover: Postal Vehicles from Croatia

This cover carries 2 stamps featuring archive images and schematics of postal vehicles in Croatia.

Croatia's Accession to the European Union - CR 2013

Cover: Croatia’s Accession to the European Union

This cover features a miniature souvenir sheet containing a single stamp commemorating Croatia’s accession to the European Union on 1st July 2013.