Thailand Flag definitive stamp 2003

I’m Tom. I collect stamps and covers, and this is my collection of worldwide items. I purchased most of them in dusty stamp shops, at exhibitions, or on eBay.

I’m a technical writer. I am a Brit living in Thailand with my wife and family. I collect stamps. I read science-fiction (Dick, Pohl, Asimov, Niven).

My favourite items in this collection are the ordinary postal covers that I have received from a host of great stamp friends around the world – in exchange for covers from my adopted country. Stampers are good people and I’d like to say a big thank you to all my exchange pals. Thanks for reading!




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  1. Hello there,
    I’m pleased to meet you and find your blog content interesting. The glossary you added to this blog is a useful inclusion for your readers. Best wishes for blogging success.


    1. Hi timethief, thank you for visiting, great to meet you too! I am new to WP, but I follow your advice in the forums and look forward to your posts. I should probably write something new here, now that I have got Flickr out of my system.


    1. Hi teacritter, thanks! Sure, that would be great – I’ll write :) My next task here is to post an offer for exchanges. Great pen pal map on your site!


      1. Awesome I’ll look forward to it, I was thinking I’ll go and buy a 2nd class stamp (I never use them) but then I can post you the entire latest commemorative set with the queen on. :D


  2. My father and I used to save them – great hobby. After a while my friends got into it, but my cousin ended up with the volumes somehow and ended up throwing them out. I was furious, but I won’t get into that.


    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. Very sorry to hear about your collection. It happens all too often I’m afraid. I sometimes wonder what will happen to mine in years to come.


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