GDPR and Switching the Lights Off

Dear friends, I have been reading up about the upcoming GDPR legislation. That activity resulted in a sleepless night, and the decision to switch this blog off on 24th May. Let me say; I am a supporter of privacy rights for the individual, so I understand and support what GDPR aims to do. Also, this blog is probably right at the “invisible” end of the spectrum in terms of exposure to GDPR requirements. However, I have not been able to get a clear picture of the extent to which a simple blog such as this is required to comply. There are comments, likes, follows, stats, and social media links on this blog, all of which involve personal data (and a fair proportion of that data is from the EU). Personal data means GDPR compliance and a lot more action and responsibility than just a privacy policy. All this tips the scale from being a fun hobby to a worrisome chore. So that is why I am switching off. Thank you for all the views, likes, and comments. I wish you all the best.


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  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand: what’s the link between the law that will enter into force on 25 May, and the closure of a simple collector’s blog?


    1. Well, as you have now commented on this blog – a totally normal action that the internet relies on – this blog now holds your personal data: a username, your email address, a url, and your IP address. After 25th May, any website that holds such information (or any other personal data) about a visitor from the EU must be compliant with GDPR. GDPR compliance is a long list of things, such as obtaining verifiable opt-in acknowledgement from an EU visitor before your website stores their personal data. There are many other requirements additional to this, and the penalties for a website that is caught out of compliance are very, very steep. Yes, of course, a simple collector’s blog is not the prime target for the regulators, but the general “chatter” is that this is a very serious piece of legislation that aims to change the way personal data is stored at a fundamental level. And the fact that this blog does indeed now store your personal data means that after 25th May I have a responsibility to make it GDPR compliant. The actions that I would need to undertake to do that are, in my view, more than this small window on my hobby is worth. It is just my hobby after all, I am not a knowledgeable collector such as yourself. And I still have my actual stamps, they haven’t gone anywhere 🙂


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