Cover: National Events and Symbols from Myanmar

This is my first cover from Myanmar, which borders Thailand to the northwest. The cover carries colourful stamps commemorating various national events and symbols. There is also an ASEAN stamp, which is nice.


Country: Myanmar
Date of Cover: 2nd April 2018
Transit Time: 24 days over 646 km / 401 miles (1.12 kph / 0.70 mph)

Myanmar’s full name is the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. In history, it was also known as Burma, but since 1989 the country’s official name is Myanmar.

As the cover indicates, Thailand was previously known as Siam, which was the country’s name until 1939. For a brief period during 1946-1948, the name reverted to Siam before changing back to Thailand.

Stamp Details

The unit of currency in Myanmar is the kyat (K).

  • K 500: Kachin Brass Gong
  • K 200: Shan Pot Drum
  • K 100 (light blue): Unfortunately there is no English description on this stamp
  • K 100 (purple): 68th Independence Day 4-1-2016
  • K 100 (orange): ASEAN Postal Joint Stamp – ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The members of ASEAN often release joint stamp issues.
  • K 100 (red): Unfortunately there is no English description on this stamp

Thanks to Ben for this great cover.

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