FDC: Game of Thrones

This cover from Royal Mail commemorates the TV phenomenon, Game of Thrones, based on the books by George R R Martin. I have never seen it, so I hope this means more to you than it does to me. It is probably the sort of thing I would like to watch, but I don’t think I have the right kind of TV.UK-FDC-Game-of-Thrones-2018-01-23

Country: United Kingdom
Date of Issue: 23rd January 2018 (first day cover)

This is another example of the character-based, TV/movie tie-in cover that Royal Mail seems to like – and with 10 designs! (100 years of the RAF and they only got six…) This trend divides opinion on the letters pages of the philately magazines that I read. I suppose Royal Mail hopes to pick up additional revenue from fans. I don’t mind this kind of issue, and I like the Star Wars and Dr Who covers that Royal Mail has issued, but unlike other issues on topics that I am not familiar with, this Game of Thrones issue leaves me a bit cold. Whereas I would normally think “that’s interesting”, all I could think of when I saw this cover was “that’s Sean Bean”.

Stamp Details

Top row, from left to right

Bottom row, from left to right

It’s All About the Seven Kingdoms

The insert to the cover provides a synopsis of the series. Click the image below for easier reading.


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