FDC: Landmark Buildings in the UK

This cover from Royal Mail features ten unique works of architecture in the UK. I think I have been away too long. Except for the Eden Project, I don’t recognise any of these landmark buildings.


Date of Issue: 13th July 2017 (first day cover)
Country: United Kingdom

Stamp Details

Top row, from left to right:

Bottom row, from left to right:

By Design

The insert to the cover provides more information about these buildings. Click the image below for easier reading.


2 thoughts on “FDC: Landmark Buildings in the UK

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    1. Anthony, now I am curious as to which one… :) I admire the boldness and ingenuity of these buildings, although I think they have to be experienced in person. I suppose my favourite is the Tate Modern, which would look good in a Star Wars film. Overall though, I think I prefer looking at windmills.

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