Cover: Belgium from the 1970s

When buying stamps online, sometimes you receive your purchase in a plain cover, perhaps with an unadorned printed postage label. And sometimes your purchase arrives in a great cover like this.

Belgium Cover 1970s

Country: Belgium
Date of Cover: 19th January 2017
Received: 26th January 2017
Transit: 8 days
Speed: 30 mph / 48 kph

The great thing about this cover from Belgium? All the stamps are from the 1970s (timeline).

Stamp Details

From left to right

  • 1976: A great block of 1 of 4 designs from the Tourism series, 23rd October. I think this is a cave, or something. Update: I forgot to follow up the name on the stamp: Remouchamps, and its cave is known as “wonder in the wonders”.
  • 1976: 1 of 6 designs from the issue The 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Peter Paul Rubens, 4th September.
  • 1977: 1 of 3 designs from the Culture Edition issue, 19th March. This design features the Collège Royal Marie-Thérèse (a school) in Herve.
  • 1976: The single design from the Young Philatelists issue, 2nd October. The design features (I think) a painting by Willem Cornelisz Duyster.
  • 1975: 1 of 4 designs from the Charity Stamps issue, 22nd November. The design features an engraving of Emiel Moyson, a Flemish poet.
  • 1975: 1 of 2 designs from the Tourism series, 24th May. The design features a church (presumably) in the town of Dottignies.
  • 1973: The single design from the Day of the Stamp issue, 28th April.

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