Cover: Birds and Flowers from USA

This cover from the USA carries a nice group of stamps from the previous century featuring birds and flowers.

Cover USA 2016

Country: United States of America
Date of Cover: 24th December 2016

Stamp Details


Noernberg Stamps has provided some nice info and insight to the $0:00 surcharge label on this cover. Why bother printing and applying a zero surcharge sticker? Here’s why:

As you can see, the stamps are hand-cancelled (handed over the post office counter). Many times, the clerk will print a label for $0.00 when there are lots of stamps so that people down the line don’t question whether there is sufficient postage or not and stop to count up the postage or challenge the rate. It kind of proves that nothing else is owed, and that it’s been verified by a postal authority. Helps the mail travel faster.

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