Stamps: Peace and Victory in New Zealand – Tribute to the Army

This block of stamps with selvage is part of the 1946 Peace and Victory issue from New Zealand. The 4d value shown here is titled Tribute to the Army.

Stamps NZ Tribute to the Army

Country: New Zealand
Date of Issue: 1st April 1946

Stamp Details

The stamp features the badge of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in front of a military scene and an agricultural scene. An olive branch and a dove (universal symbols of peace) are set in the top corners, and the bottom corners feature kiwi birds, one of the national symbols of New Zealand.

The tank pictured on the left is a Valentine infantry tank, a British tank supplied to New Zealand. The pyramid in the scene is, I think, a tribute to the service of New Zealand forces in North Africa during World War II. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about tractors to identify the vehicle on the right.

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