Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2005

This issue from Thailand Post commemorates International Letter Writing Week (2005) with 4 stamps (with selvage) featuring an iconic animal from the Thai countryside: the water buffalo.

Thailand Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2005

Country: Thailand
Date of Issue: 8th October 2005

The 15 baht value shows a farmer and water buffalo in a familiar setting: farming rice in a paddy field. Rice is a staple food in Thailand, which is one of the world’s largest producers/exporters.

International Letter Writing Week was established by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and spans the week containing 9th October (World Post Day). It is popular in Thailand and Japan, although Thailand Post now tends to issue a World Post Day issue instead.

In the Catalogue

This issue is number 777 from Thailand Post, and the stamps are numbered as follows in the Saeng-Ngern catalogue:

  • Top left, 3 baht: 2192
  • Top right, 3 baht: 2193
  • Bottom left, 3 baht: 2194
  • Bottom right, 15 baht: 2195

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