Cover: Year of the Monkey (Singapore)

This cover commemorates the upcoming Lunar New Year with stamps featuring the Year of the Monkey from the Chinese zodiac.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2016-01-08 Year of the Monkey

Country: Singapore
Date of Issue: 8th January 2016 (first day cover)

Thanks to Ai Lyn for this cover.

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    1. Hi GP, thanks for your message, great to hear from you. I do apologise for not being online lately, work commitments have kept me busy.

      That’s a great stamp, I am not immediately familiar with it, but there are some clues we can follow.

      As the stamp itself says, it is a poster stamp. This is not a term I have seen often in my limited experience, but I expect that it is a promotional item. It could also be called a “cinderella” – this is an item that looks like a stamp, but that cannot be used to pay for postage ( Cinderellas, as a general topic, are popular and varied and a lot of people collect them.

      We could also describe this as a souvenir sheet or a miniature sheet – these are very common items aimed at collectors, and intended to provide a unique commemorative addition to a particular issue of stamps.

      The stamp also refers to the “National Defense Program”, and this is the link to the stamp issue that supports this theme, issued in 1940, and called the “National Defense” issue. You can see the stamps here: (sorry it is a long url). First thing to notice is that these three stamps are reproduced in the corners of the poster stamp above, which is a nice confirmation of the promotional/souvenir purpose of this stamp. I haven’t been able to trace the source of the item in the lower-right corner. For more information about the “For Defense” stamps, their Scott catalogue numbers are 899, 900, and 901. (

      So this stamp is also one of a series, in this case the “certificate” number indicates that this design is no. 106 in what turns out to be nearly 150 different designs in the series. Here is a link to an article in Linn’s, which give a little bit of extra info:

      The other clue is the name of the publisher, Frederick H Dietz, who published many of these “poster stamps”, and who I think founded or ran the National Poster Stamp Society. There is more information on the following page, but this is the same website that the image above comes from, so maybe you already have it:

      That is as much as I have been able to discover, GP. I hope the information is useful. It is a very nice item, do you have one? :)

      All the best,


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      1. Yes, it is very helpful and I appreciate you going to such trouble. A woman’s father passed away and contacted to give me 2 of these stamps she discovered among his things. I should be receiving them by the beginning of next week. In the meantime, I can do this research – thanks again, Tom and looking forward to when you are not so busy – but priorities come first.


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