FDC: Bees in the UK

This cover commemorates the life of the bees in the UK, a tremendously important insect for our agriculture, yet sadly in decline.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-08-18 Bees

Country: United Kingdom
Date of Issue: 18th August 2015

Stamp Details

The stamps feature 6 beautifully illustrated bee species found in Britain.

Top row, left to right

Bottom row, left to right

Hive Mind

The insert to the cover provides information about the characteristics of bees and the story of their evolution. Click the image below for easier reading.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-08-18 Bees

2 thoughts on “FDC: Bees in the UK

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    1. Hi – this particular one is not for sale or swap, sorry, it is from my personal collection. There are several of these available on eBay, and there is a set on Delcampe. The stamps are also available from the online shop at Royal Mail. Hope you find one for your collection!


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