FDC: The Great War, 1915

This first day cover from Royal Mail is the second in a 5-year series commemorating the Great War on its 100th anniversary. This cover commemorates wartime events from 1915.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-14 The Great War 1915

Country: United Kingdom
Date of Issue: 14th May 2015
Date of Cover: 14th May 2015 (first day cover, with commemorative cancel)

Stamp Details

Top row, left to right:

Bottom row, left to right

  • The Kensingtons At Laventie: by Eric Kennington, painter, sculptor, and soldier of the London Regiment.
  • Cape Helles: at Gallipoli, Turkey, by Ernest Brooks, the first official war photographer. A soldier at a comrade’s grave.
  • London Irish Rifles’ football from Loos: booted out of the trenches by Private Frank Edwards and kicked across no man’s land on the first day of the Battle of Loos, 25th September 1915.

The insert to the cover provides more details about the people and subjects on these stamps. Click the image below for easier reading.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2015-05-14 The Great War 1915

Great War Covers in this Series

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