Souvenir Sheet: 50 Years of Space Cooperation Between India and France

This souvenir sheet features 2 stamps depicting satellites that have been developed and launched through joint operations between India and France. The stamps commemorate 50 years of such cooperation between these countries.

Stamps Souvenir Sheet India-France 2015-04-10 50 Years of Space Cooperation

Country: India (joint issue with France)
Date of Issue: 10th April 2015

Stamp Details

  • Left: SARAL, went into orbit on 25th February 2013
  • Right: Megha-Tropiques, went into orbit on 12th October 2011

Both satellites were launched on the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), which is also shown on the souvenir sheet.

The QR code on the souvenir sheet carries the following message:

India and France have cooperated in space exploration for fifty years now. The Cooperation is best illustrated by two missions that were developed and operated in partnership: a tropical atmosphere observation satellite, Megha-Tropiques, launched in 2011, and Saral- Altika, an oceanography and localization satellite, launched in 2013. These missions aim to observe climatic phenomena in order to understand the mechanisms and anticipate their consequences on a planetary level.

Thanks to: Som for this souvenir sheet.

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