Cover and Stamps: Weapons of Victory – Soviet WWII Tanks

This is my first cover from Russia. I think it is a prepaid aerogramme with additional postage to cover items enclosed in the aerogramme.

Stamps Cover Russia Nikolay 2015-05

Country: Russian Federation
Date of Cover: 18th April 2015 (registered)

Cover Stamp Details

The stamps attached to the cover are from the 2008 Wild Animals definitive series. You can see the full series here.

The prepaid postage mark commemorates Russian poet and novelist Boris Pasternak, perhaps most widely known for his novel Doctor Zhivago.

Weapons of Victory

The cover contained my purchase from

Stamp Weapons of Victory Russia 2010 2x2

Stamp Details

These 4 stamps were issued on 20th April 2010, as part of a multi-year series called Weapons of Victory. This issue features Soviet tanks that saw service during WWII.

These stamps are unused CTOs (cancelled to order). Such stamps are sold directly to collectors by a postal administration. The collector gets an unused stamp in good condition with a clear but unobtrusive cancel, and the postal administration is reimbursed for the cost of the stamp without having to go to all the bother of actually delivering a letter.

Other issues in this series feature:

  • Guns (2009)
  • Aircraft (2011)
  • Automobiles (2012)
  • Ships (2013)
  • Artillery (2014)

Thanks to Nikolay for this cover and these stamps.

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