Cover: World Cup 2014 – Host City Salvador, Brazil

The featured stamp on this cover from Brazil commemorates the 2014 World Cup tournament and the host city of Salvador.

Stamps Cover Brazil 2014 World Cup 2014

Country: Brazil
Date of Issue (World Cup stamp): 30th January 2014
Date of Cover: 20th August 2014
Transit Time: 49 days over 10217 miles / 16443 km = 8.7 mph / 14.0 kph

Stamp Details

  • World Cup 2014 stamp (middle): Commemorating Salvador as one of 12 host cities for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The stamp’s design incorporates the Lacerda Elevator as a set of goal posts and a ball hitting the back of the net – gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaal! You can see the Lacerda Elevator here. The Elevator links the upper city to the port. This stamp is one of 12 in the issue, one stamp for each host city.
  • Stamp on the left: This stamp is one of the current Brazilian definitives, I think, which feature everyday crafts and occupations and are illustrated with designs by Brazilian artist Hector Consani.
  • Stamp on the right: Making up the postage is a stamp from 1999 titled Tribute to Antonia Carlos Jobim, the world-famous Brazilian songwriter and musician.

Thanks to Marcio for this cover.

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