FDC: Glasgow 2014, XX Commonwealth Games in the UK

This colourful first day cover from Royal Mail commemorates the XX Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow in 2014.

Stamps Cover FDC UK Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games

Country: United Kingdom
Date of Issue: 17th July 2014
Date of Cover: 17th July 2014 (first day cover from Royal Mail)

Stamp Details

The stamps feature 6 of the 17 sports that athletes participated in during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, and each stamp displays the Scottish national flag: the Cross of St Andrew (white on blue), the patron saint of Scotland. The flag is also known as the Saltire.

Update: I’ve only just realised, the cross is repeated below the flag in the lower-right corner because Glasgow was the XX (20th) games. Doh.

The opening ceremony launched the Games on 23rd July 2014. 11 days of sport followed, and England lead the medals table with 58 gold medals. That’s great, because we rarely win anything these days. You can read about the event here:

The Commonwealth of Nations was formed in 1949, as the British Empire was gradually being dismantled. You can read more about it here:

The insert to the cover provides facts and figures about the event. Click the image below for easier reading.

Stamps Cover FDC UK Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games

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