Stamps: Germany, May 2014

I have just arrived back from Germany. Here are the stamps that I collected on my trip: the May issues from Deutsche Post.

Uli Stein Cartoons

Stamps DE 2014-05 Uli Stein

Date of Issue: 8th May 2014

  • Left: Pokalmaus … this kind of translates to Cup Mouse.
  • Middle: Jubelmaus … Cheering Mouse.
  • Right: Siegermaus … Winner Mouse.

The mouse on these stamps is the creation of German artist Uli Stein. It became a favourite newspaper cartoon character in Germany. On these stamps, the mouse is celebrating sport, and the stamps themselves are charity stamps. The surcharge on the postage when you buy these stamps goes to Deutsche Sporthilfe.

Musical Instruments – Clarinet (Europa)

Stamps DE 2014-05 Musical Instruments Clarinette

Date of Issue: 8th May 2014

This is a Europa stamp, issued in partnership with Deutsche Post. Europa stamps promote unity and cooperation among the postal administrations of Europe. In 2014, all the postal administrations of Europe will issue a Europa stamp on the theme of musical instruments. This is Germany’s contribution: the clarinet.

Johann Gottfried Schadow

Stamps DE 2014-05 Johann Gottfried Schadow

Date of Issue: 8th May 2014

Johann Gottfried Schadow (b. 1764) was a master German sculptor and artist. This stamp commemorates the 250th anniversary of Schadow’s birthday. It features a watercolour by him of 2 young ladies from Berlin (1804).

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