FDC: Roses from Malaysia

This cover features 3 beautifully illustrated flower stamps: the full set of stamps from Malaysia’s Roses issue, 2nd series, with commemorative cancels.

Stamps Cover Malaysia 2014 Roses

Country: Malaysia
Date of Issue: 14th February 2014
Date of Cover: 14th February 2014
Transit: 22 days over 605 miles / 973 km = 1.2 mph / 1.8 kph

Stamp Details

Left to right

  1. Hybrid Tea Rose
  2. Grandiflora Rose
  3. English Rose

Update: Pos Malaysia indicates that the issue comprises these 3 stamps, but I missed the miniature sheet. The myfdc blog describes it: a single, perfumed, heart-shaped stamp. You can also see it here on the Pos Malaysia web site.

Thanks to Vera for this cover.


  1. Did you notice the date, the roses were issued on Valentine’s day !


    1. Hi Vera – yes, I did. I should have mentioned that :) Thanks for the great cover!


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