FDC: Roses from Malaysia

This cover features 3 beautifully illustrated flower stamps: the full set of stamps from Malaysia’s Roses issue, 2nd series, with commemorative cancels.

Stamps Cover Malaysia 2014 Roses

Country: Malaysia
Date of Issue: 14th February 2014
Date of Cover: 14th February 2014
Transit: 22 days over 605 miles / 973 km = 1.2 mph / 1.8 kph

Stamp Details

Left to right

  1. Hybrid Tea Rose
  2. Grandiflora Rose
  3. English Rose

Update: Pos Malaysia indicates that the issue comprises these 3 stamps, but I missed the miniature sheet. The myfdc blog describes it: a single, perfumed, heart-shaped stamp. You can also see it here on the Pos Malaysia web site.

Thanks to Vera for this cover.

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