Cover: 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa

As the build up to the 2014 World Cup Finals continues, here is another football cover from Brazil, commemorating the 2010 tournament in South Africa.

Stamps Cover Brazil 2013 Football World Cup South Africa 2010

Country: Brazil
Date of Issue: 11th June 2010
Date of Cover: 9th December 2014
Transit: 64 days over 10,217 miles / 16,443 km = 6.7 mph / 10.7 kph

Stamp Detail

The stamp features the flags of 30 of the 32 competing nations in a circle around an image of a Brazilian footballer and a South African footballer, against the continents of South America and Africa. The remaining 2 flags, Brazil and South Africa, are represented in the background. Here is a detailed view of the stamp:

Stamp Brazil 2013 Football World Cup South Africa 2010 detail

The stamp has a circular perforation inside the standard perforation. The name of the designer is also featured on the stamp: Alan Magalhães.

Diplomatic Incident

In the circle of flags depicted on the stamp, Germany’s flag is upside down (roughly at the 4 o’clock position).

The Sound of South African Football

As the first World Cup Finals tournament to be held in Africa, South Africa 2010 was memorable for many things. One thing divided opinion though: the sound of the vuvuzela, a trumpet-like instrument played by fans throughout a match. It is a common feature at South African football matches, but it took the rest of the world by surprise. Fifa – the world governing body of football – tried to ban it before the tournament but back-tracked. Many commentators and pundits hated it, but fans loved it. Including me.

Thanks to Marcio for this cover.

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