Souvenir Sheet: Japanese Railways

This souvenir sheet from JP Post features Japanese railways and their distinctive locomotives from around the country and through history.

stamps souvenir sheet Japan 2013 Railway Series 1

Country: Japan
Date of Issue: 11th October 2013

Stamp Details

I have sourced the following details from the JP Post website and Google Translate.

Railways, series 1

Upper left

  • Marunouchi Town Hall Station, Tokyo, built in 1914

Middle row, left to right

  • Odakyu Electric Railway, 3000 series (1957)
  • Japan National Railways, system 151 (1958)
  • Kintetsu, system 10100 (1959)
  • Japan National Railways, system Kiha 81 (1960)
  • Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd., 7000 series (1961)

Lower row, left to right

  • Kintetsu. system 20100 (1962)
  • Odakyu Electric Railway, 3100 series (1963)
  • Japan National Railways, system 0 (1964)
  • East Japan Railway, E5 series, Shinkansen (2011)


I bought this souvenir sheet at Kyoto Central Post Office next to Kyoto Station. We used the rail system in Japan extensively during our holiday in 2013 , and I was very impressed with the high-speed trains: the Shinkansen.

We bought rail passes in advance – the JR Pass – for 7 days unlimited travel on the JR system (it doesn’t cover all rail systems in Japan, I think there are different operators).

Shinkansen and JR Pass
This is the Hikari Shinkansen pulling into Shin-Osaka station. It took us from Osaka to Tokyo in 3 hours (404 km).

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