Stamps: International Letter Writing Week 2013, Japan

These 4 stamps feature beautiful landscapes by Hiroshige, chosen by JP Post to commemorate International Letter Writing Week in 2013.

stamps Japan 2013 International Letter Writing Week

Country: Japan
Date of Issue: 9th October 2013

Stamp Details

The images on these stamps are taken from The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō, a series of woodcut prints by the Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige (1797 – 1858), inspired by his own journey along the Tokaido road. Each image in the series depicts one station along the road.

  • Upper left: Shirasuka, 32nd station
  • Upper right: Odawara, 9th station
  • Lower left: Hamamatsu, 29th station
  • Lower right:  Ishiyakushi, 44th station

I bought these stamps at Kyoto Central Post Office next to Kyoto Station.


Here is the International Letter Writing Week issue for 2016, also featuring images by Hiroshige.

International Letter Writing Week stamps from Japan


  1. These are magnificent!


    1. Thanks for the comment, I agree! Beautiful artwork and great designs.


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