Stamps: Germany, December 2013

On my last trip of 2013 to Germany, I collected these stamps from Deutsche Post: the December issues.

New 60c Definitive

stamps Germany December 2013 60c definitive

Stamp Details

Postage rates went up in Germany from the start of 2014: from 58 cents (Euro) to 60 cents for a standard letter (a 3.5% increase). The stamp on the left is the new 60c flower definitive: a Kaiserkrone, (Crown Imperial, Fritillaria imperialis). Because of the postage increase, Deutsche Post also issued a 2c supplement stamp, so that people can use up any 58c stamps they still have. Both of these stamps are sold on a roll (also called coil stamps).

Trauermarke – Mourning Stamp

stamps Germany December 2013 Trauermarke

Stamp Details

This is a mourning stamp. I have not come across one of these before. Deutsche Post seems to issue them regularly. It is a stamp that can be used on letters of condolence, rather than using an official-looking meter label or perhaps an inappropriately jolly stamp. The design of this mourning stamp features sunshine through clouds, a symbol that Deutsche Post feels expresses sympathy with those who are grieving, and “gratitude for the beautiful and intense time together”.

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