Cover: Vanishing Trades in Singapore

This cover features 2 stamps from the new set of definitive stamps from Sing Post: Vanishing Trades.

Stamps Cover Singapore 2013 Vanishing Trades

Country: Singapore
Date of Issue: 16th October 2013
Date of Cover: 6th November 2013

Stamp Details

  • Left: Lantern Maker
  • Right: Goldsmith

From the Sing Post press release for this issue:

Keeping Alive Memories of Vanishing Trades in Singapore Through Stamps

They bear testimonies to growing and building of yesteryear Singapore and are part of our nation’s rich cultural heritage.

The full issue contains 10 values:

  • 1st Local: Dairyman
  • 2nd Local: Beaded Slipper Maker
  • 5c: Kachang Puteh Seller (vendors selling nuts, beans, or peas)
  • 20c: Lantern Maker
  • 30c: Songkok Maker (traditional Muslim headdress)
  • 45c: Goldsmith
  • 50c: Cobbler
  • 55c: Knife Sharpener
  • 65c: Iceball Seller
  • 80c: Parrot Astrology

Click here for the full press release with details of all these trades.

Thanks to Ai Lyn for this cover.

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