FDC: Dinosaurs

Here is another great FDC from Royal Mail. Takes me back to my childhood: Dinosaurs.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2013 Dinosaurs

Country: United Kingdom
Date of Issue: 10th October 2013

Stamp Details

From left to right, top to bottom

  • Polacanthus
  • Ichthyosaurus
  • Iguanadon
  • Ornithocheirus
  • Baryonyx
  • Dimorphodon
  • Hypsilophodon
  • Cetiosaurus
  • Megalosaurus
  • Plesiosaurus

The stamps are self-adhesive, and the image of the dinosaur on each stamp extends beyond part of the perforation, which makes the dinosaurs appear to emerge from the cover. The commemorative cancel is from Lyme Regis in Dorset, UK, aka The Jurassic Coast, where many fossils are found.

The insert to the FDC provides details of these dinosaurs. Click the image below for easier reading.

Stamps Cover FDC UK 2013 Dinosaurs insert

The Mists of Time

The first book I asked for when my parents took me to a library for the first time was a book about dinosaurs. My favourite cartoon was Valley of the Dinosaurs. (If you were also a fan, here’s the intro.) It fires my imagination to think of these animals roaming the earth millions of years ago.

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