FDC: Ancient Chinese Artifacts

This FDC from Taiwan features 1 of 2 souvenir sheets from Chunghwa Post’s Ancient Artifacts issue.

Stamps Cover FDC Taiwan 2013 Ancient Artifacts

Country: Taiwan (Republic of China)
Date of Issue: 8th October 2013

Good Fortune and Longevity

Here is the description of the souvenir sheet from Chunghwa Post:

New Year’s Chinese silk tapestry scroll with Emperor Gaozong’s calligraphy, Qing dynasty. Based on a new year’s painting by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty, the sheet features a Chinese silk tapestry scroll. The tapestry depicts a pine branch, some camellia flowers and plum blossoms in a vase. In front of the vase are a persimmon, two lily bulbs, as well as some reishi mushrooms placed in an incense burner. It symbolizes good fortune and longevity.

Thanks to Douglas for this cover.

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